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Shoulder Pain • Numbness • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

No Pain • Wellness Care • Weight Loss

Nutritional Guidance Optimal Athletic Performance

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Dr. Mary Ann Musa, R.D., D.C.
Dr. Mary Ann Musa, R.D., D.C.

Chiropractor 20+ years

Registered Dietitian 30+ years

Dr. Mary Ann is excited to partner with the team at Achieve Fitness Center to provide exceptional care in a positive upbeat atmosphere!! As a Chiropractor and Registered Dietitian, she appreciates being a part of the multidisciplinary approach to health that Achieve Fitness provides! Chiropractic care allows the body to function optimally, reduces pain, and can stabilize the structure to prevent and heal injuries. Nutrition impacts every aspect of health! Dr. Mary Ann’s patients benefit when she combines her expertise in Nutrition and gut issues with exceptional Nutritional supplements and systems that are easy to implement; the Results are amazing! Patients appreciate her enthusiastic commitment to excellence as they work together to achieve their health goals! In her personal time, she enjoys spending time with her children, walking, kayaking, hiking, teaching, and time at the beach.

Personal quote: “I am Blessed to be a part of a team that strives to make a difference in the lives we touch!!”