What You Can Expect at Our Fitness Center

Personal Trainers

If signing up for a gym hasn’t worked in the past because you go a few times and then the momentum fizzles out, it might be time for a personal trainer. It takes knowledge of how the body works, how to best get the results you want through exercise routines that are built for you, and what nutrition it takes to make this happen. Our personal trainers will be with you, guiding you, supporting you, and keeping you motivated to come back and keep pushing for the results you want.


Hopping from free weights to the treadmill and around the facility with no focus can make it challenging to see improvement in the areas you want most. If you want to make exercising fun and something you can look forward to, find a class where you can get fit, toned, and work within a community toward common goals. When you work together with others around you, the motivating atmosphere will keep you coming back. Our classes include Zumba Toning, Spinning, Dance Fusion, Pilates, and more.

Kid’s Club

One of the most challenging aspects of finding a fitness center that works for your life and schedule is finding the time to go when the kids can be looked after. There’s no need to worry about this at Achieve Fitness. Our Kid’s Club and Nursery make it easy to bring the whole family so that everyone can get into a habit of exercising regularly at a facility that cares about results. Bring younger children to the nursery or older kids can join in the fun too. Whether you want to come in once or twice a week, or if you want to work with a dedicated personal trainer, the facility at Achieve Fitness has everything you need and more. With the finest equipment and the most dedicated trainers you can find in Fleming Island, you can finally begin seeing results and gain the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain the results. Stop in during lunch or after work and we’ll walk you around the facility and introduce you to the personal trainers who can’t wait to get started.

Achieve More

The messaging behind our logo

Achievement is something that is always moving forward. To achieve, you need to make progress, thus the reason the A is angled forward, pushing through any obstacle that stands in its way.

The blade symbolizes the force generated by such movement, similar to when a fighter jet breaks through the sound barrier.

There is no “I” in team, but there is an “I” in Achieve. It’s highlighted because only YOU can determine what YOU will achieve. Use it as motivation: “I Achieve…fitness? Health? Prosperity? Happiness? Success?”

Our Facility


It can be a little scary walking into a health club without knowing the people, the procedure, or where certain equipment is located. With Achieve Fitness, you can be sure to get an experience like no other. Our team of dedicated trainers loves fitness and they love seeing progress made in each of our guests. Before you get started, take a look at our gallery so you can feel comfortable and safe in our Fleming Island gym.

When you read our story, you’ll see that we believe in the power of people. Through integrity, commitment, and acting toward great experiences and growth, we can work together to achieve your fitness goals. To make this happen, we want you to feel at home here. When you sign up with us, you will get a personal tour of the facility, making it easy to jump right in and start tracking your results!